Best Place Pabst Brewery Tour in Milwaukee WI

The Pabst Brewery Tour at the Best Place offers a treat for both beer lovers and lovers of history and historic architecture.

Lets face it. Milwaukee is probably most famous for beer. At one time, nearly all the major beer producers were in Milwaukee. That included the largest, Pabst.

The Pabst brewery in Milwaukee closed in 1996.

A streetlamp outside one of the Pabst Brewery buildings

I watched a window just above this streetlamp shatter on the street

For years, the brewery buildings lay abandoned, vacant, and deteriorating. I have spent a lot of time parked in front of some of these buildings and they are impressive. In fact, I watched during a wind storm as a window was blown out of one of the buildings and the glass shattered on the road just across from where I was parked. I kind of thought that if I ever wanted to get photos of these old buildings I better start soon or they would not be around too long. However, something interesting happened to that particular building within a month. [Read more...]