The Wisconsin-Illinois Border on I-94

Welcome to the State of Wisconsin!

Welcome to Wisconsin Sign Kenosha

Wisconsin welcomes you.

The welcome sign on I-94 follows the Wisconsin State Police weight station on I-94. It is just over the Wisconsin-Illinois border in Kenosha County, WI.

Wisconsin gets its name from an American Indian word for the wisconsin River.

Jean Nicolet and Father Jacques Marquette explored Wisconsin in 1673. The Native American guides called the Wisconsin River Miskonsing, Meskousing. The spelling of Wisconsin varied for many years until territorial legislators endorsed the current spelling.

Wisconsin Welcome Sign

The first exit after the Welcome sign will take you to the Kenosha Wisconsin State Travel Center.

You can get information on many popular Wisconsin attractions there. Many of which will be covered on this site eventually. The eastern I-94 frontage road can be taken south from the exit if you wish to get close to the sign. There is also a small motel just south of the sign on the frontage road.

Map to the Wisconsin Welcomes You sign.

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  1. Dave Pomatto says

    My wife and I will be stopping in on the way to Milwaukee. Will you have a Milwaukee city map and bike trail map available. I did not have good luck printing a bike map on line.
    Looking forward to lush fall colors,
    Dave Pomatto

  2. Lynn says

    Love the sign! Is there one on the other side of Wisconsin, traveling east from Minnesota on I94?
    I’ll be in Minneapolis next week and my new hobby is to get photos of me standing next to “Welcome to …” signs from all 50 states. Sometimes i’ve taken backroads and the signs are not as impressive! The highway signs are the best :)

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